Mural by Heather Day

In July 2018, Provenance Vineyards commissioned artist Heather Day to create an abstract painting for the right side of the tasting room. Provenance and Heather Day aimed for the mural to stand out from the landscape while maintaining a visual harmony with the surrounding Napa Valley community. 
Sauvignon Blanc and Paint Swatch


Heather was drawn to Napa’s bright Cerulean Blue daytime skies, which appeared flat against the receding lines of the surrounding Moss Green vineyard rows. She wanted the composition of the mural to lift the viewer’s eye upwards, connecting the wall to the sky and giving a feeling of weightlessness. The mural is big enough to be seen driving past on nearby St. Helena highway, but the colors and forms change drastically as you drive into the winery. You’ll find new details and vantage points as you approach, until you’re standing right beneath it. We hope Heather’s mural inspires you to stay a while and appreciate the Napa Valley landscape, all while enjoying a glass of Provenance wine. 
Heater Day Artist Headshot

Heather Day

Heather Day is a San Francisco-based artist known for her abstract paintings, adorned with striking colors, emphatic strokes and rhythmic marks. She creates profound pieces that speak to her sensory interpretations of her surroundings. Heather has won numerous awards including The Chicago Academy For the Arts: Visual Arts Leadership Award, and her work has been featured in various locations including Facebook Inc., Youtube HQ and Snapchat HQ.