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We can all agree that our character is a result of our experiences of home – people, landscape, traditions. Our team brings diverse backgrounds, success and lessons learned, and share a common love for Napa Valley wine and stories that make you laugh, cry, or laugh until you cry.
Family, Home & Integrity
My background (and training for the wine business) dates back to the 1970s as a kid in New Jersey, learning from multiple generations on both sides of my family. Some were hobby wine makers. Others ran a local deli. All were hard-working Italians who earned every dollar made.

Decades later, my wife Tiana and I began our own venture into the world of wine, buying beautiful land in the San Joaquin Valley, and moving our family of five to California. We are humbled to now own Provenance Vineyards, a classic, refined brand that is attentive to people and place, conversational and detail. We invite you to share in this journey and explore your sense of place. – Allen Lombardi, Owner
We are proud to bring Provenance Vineyards back to its roots as family owned and operated and infuse it with the energy and passion this iconic Napa Valley brand deserves.
Allen Lombardi
A first-generation wine owner, Allen Lombardi leads the team with an entrepreneurial spirit laced with authenticity, determination, and Italian charm. His two decades of experience with California grapes, winemaking, bottling, and storage provide the company with smart business sense, creativity, and innovation.
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Noel Basso
Head of Winemaking
A California native, Noel Basso studied food science and enology at California State University. He brings 20 years of winemaking experience, including overseeing barreling programs, harvesting scheduling, cellar operations, and maintaining quality consistency across wine profiles.
Marc Lohnes
Director of Sales & Marketing
Marc Lohnes has spent his entire career – and the past 42 years – in the wine and spirits industry, almost solely on the producer side. As a result, he has long-standing relationships with distributors, large chains and independent retailers across the world.
John White
National Sales Manager
John White brings a healthy perspective to wine sales, having spent time on the distributor and producer sides. Today, he leads domestic sales strategy, working with wholesale leadership and key decision-makers at fine-wine retailers and restaurants.
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Steve Merritt
International Sales Manager
Steve Merritt leads global sales and partners with importers/exporters, distributors and retailers in Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, England and more. His background includes ten years with Oak Ridge Winery, where he led international sales. Prior to that, he served in the U.S. Air Force. Our company salutes Steve, active-duty military, veterans and their families. Thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country.
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AJ Lombardi
Sales Manager
AJ Lombardi has grown up in the wine business and has worn many hats within winemaking, bottling, packaging and storage. He’s now enjoying a different aspect of the industry, handling sales and events along the West Coast.
Provenance Vineyards is a growing brand. If you’re interested in joining the sales team, please send your resume to